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The Nut House



Please come in and meet our family of mastiffs. This page is dedicated to all the mastiffs we've been lucky enough to share our lives with for the last 28+ years. Especially the ones waiting for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  






  Each dog shown here is or was raised in our home. We don't have nor do we believe in having kennel dogs. Now for abit about us and how we got started with this awesome breed. I met my first mastiff over 28 years ago and at the time I was raising labs. The first time I met a mastiff I knew this was the only breed for me. I had the occassional litter back then but it wasn't until after I met my husband that we started showing and breeding more often. I joined the MCOA and also started working with Mastiff rescue. We did this for a few years than 12 years ago we moved to Florida and shortly after that my Male Ch. Lyons Lair Dj passed away. After we lost him and his sister, my original Shadow we were so broken hearted that we tried to get out of breeding for awhile. We actually got down to 1 dog and that was the end of my original bloodline. A few years ago I was asked to take in some mastiffs that had been mistreated and that was when I started doing rescue again. This time on my own without MCOA. Eventually I missed the pups so bad I decided to have an occasional litter again and that brings us to where we are now. I also rescue and foster mastiffs whenever I can. I also have my own family of mastiffs that keep us very busy. Remember when buying a pup or adopting an older mastiff...


If you have bought one of my pups in the past or have a mastiff you can no longer keep. Please contact me first and let me try and help you place your dog or take it back. 

 The dog pictured below is not one of mine but looks so much like my Zena that it breaks my heart all over again.







Below is Eclipse, Catherine, Galaxy and Shadow. What a sweet family of bedhogs.




Next we have Sweet little Mysti snuggling up to Galaxy. 





Finally we have Dreamy she is the great, great granddaughter of the first mastiff I ever owned and the mother of Paige.



Thru the eyes of Love